Feltri Marone

FELTRI MARONE S.p.A. is an independent Italian manufacturer of forming fabrics, press felts and dryer fabrics for the paper industry, wires for sludge presses and CORRUGATOR BELTS.

In this field Feltri Marone has been achieving  a long experience  in the production of high quality and performance belts for any corrugator machine since many years.

Founded in 1933, FELTRI MARONE has been a pioneer in the development of new technologies applied to corrugator belts and has been in close contact with many machine builders (Agnati, BHS, SHS, MHI etc ) whose customers have chosen  FELTRI MARONE as their regular supplier for the belts of their machines.

We have supplied more than 1200 machines in the world and we serve 55 Countries with skilled and dedicated service engineers and technical centers. We have 4 production plants in 3 Countries (Italy, Spain and Canada) and we are capable of supplying all belts needed in the corrugating machines. In particular we have completely redesigned our needled belt to guarantee a product that will stand up to the most difficult working conditions and will eliminate most of the problems normally encountered on standard corrugator belts.  

The last development is a brand new type of belt, developed in collaboration with  BHS back in 2001, with an extremely high permeability, much lighter and performing than standard woven or needled belts, the SPIRABELT.  

This belt has been tested successfully on many machines in the World and now it starts to be internationally recognized as a real innovation in corrugator belt technology.

Production of micro flute, utilizing these belts, is outstanding but these benefits are also  found  in heavvier types of board, even on heavy triple board up to 2.600 gsm. Benefits include: higher permeability and perfect dimensional stability, improved board quality, much lower electric and steam consumption, perfectly dry board even before the cut off knife and excellent running life. Production costs are significantly reduced by the use of this belts and any customer that has tried it does not want to go back to the old standard belts.

These belts require machine conditions that are normally present in modern machines (pressure plates in place of pressure rollers) and very little modifications to the existing production adjustments. 

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