Application guidelines

Below are some general guidelines when selecting corrugating machines best suited to run SPIRABELT.
This information is based on actual successful Spirabelt applications that have been qualified. Applications outside the below criteria may either be unsuitable for SPIRABELT or there are insufficient run data to include them in the "qualified" list.
  • Does have pressure shoes in hot section.
  • Does not have an Air Plenum pressure system.
  • If the machine has two motors, the one driving the bottom belt should have at least 85 KW of power.
  • Has a good maintenance and moving elements (rolls, shoes etc.) are perfectly square.
  • Has a good guiding device.
  • Has belt lifters that are efficiently activated when machine stops.
  • Must install or already have silicone or oil resistant rubber 65-75°Sh pulley lagging.
  • Must have a High Friction bottom belt.
  • Is equipped with limit switches on head and tail pulleys to stop the machine in the event of failure of guiding device.
  • Ideal for light board.
  • Perfect on double and triple wall board.
  • Needs for perfectly bonded board.
  • Needs to eliminate all markings from board surface.
  • Needs to reduce production costs.
  • All pressure shoes are perfectly aligned and not tilting on the belt with uneven pressure.
  • Eliminate any causes for specific wear of belt.
  • Keep a good control of edge degradation and cure in case of need.
  • Make sure the machine steam system can control pressure as low as 1 bar.
  • Make sure operators are well informed of the carachteristics of this new belt and that they will act according to our initial recommendations.
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