These yarns should be eliminated to prevent them to be entangled and trapped on side frames.

A Spirabelt edge to be resoldered

Cut the protruding yarns with a cutter and, using a hot soldering iron with a flat blade, solder the edge while the belt is slowly rotating.

In case of a damage inside the board format, use the specific Edge Sealer by Feltri Marone.

Edge sealer and applicator
Edge sealer with applicator mounted

Use a tape to contain Edge sealer
Tape under the belt to contain Edge sealer

Apply on the back of the belt a tape to contain the Edge Sealer and then fill in the damaged area with product.

Tape under the belt to contain Edge sealer

If the damage is bigger and the hole rather wide, before applying the Edge Sealer insert in the remaining intact spirals strips of flat plastic, those used by electricians to tie cables, so as to form a support to contain the Edge Sealer and prevent it to fall below the belt.

Plastic strips inserted in spirals
Plastic strips inserted in spirals

Spirabelt repaired with Edge Sealer

In case the damage is considered possible to be eliminated by shortening the belt, check that the shortened belt length will allow to reseam it again.

Once checked this, decide where to eliminate the part containing the damage and point out clearly two spirals in the opposite sides that must have different inclination.

With the help of a pointed tool, extract the joining cable on the chosen spiral and cut it with a cutter, extract another piece of the yarn and extract it completely form the belt by the help of pliers. Repeat the operation on the opposite side.

Proceed with the seaming operation as normally done.

To help you in this operation please have a look at the dedicated video.

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