Director of Department on Scientific and Technological Department
LLC GOFRON: Alexander Schweigert

To CEO of Feltri Marone Mr. Paolo Franchi.

"Limited Liability Company “GOFRON” has been cooperating with the firm Feltri Marone for more than 3 years. During this period our partners supplied to us several spiral belts Spirabelt 120 for our corrugator machine. Taking into consideration a long-term cooperation GOFRON had opportunity to evaluate quality and advantages of Feltri Marone products.

We hereby want to share our experience in using Spirabelt 120. Life time of the belt reached 110million linear meters. This is a very good result. We would like to highlight the following advantages of Spirabelt:

  1. Energy saving on the drying table drive is 30%.
  2. Steam saving on the hot plates – 12%.
  3. Spirabelt parameters stayed the same and there was no need to change corrugator machine parameters during the whole life time of the belt.
  4. Spirabelt is always clean.
  5. Converting line capacity increased on 10%. Waste due to warping decreased.

At the moment a 3rd Spirabelt is installed on the machine. We are happy that we made the right choice. All the matters starting from harmonization of the contracts and coming to matters of Spirabelt exploitation were solved by the supplier’s specialists in the most effective way.

Taking into consideration long and fruitful cooperation with our supplier and good quality of goods GOFRON will recommend to use Spirabelt 120 to other producers of corrugator board.

Best regards"

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