La nostra azienda

Founded in 1933, Feltri Marone S.p.A is specialized in the production of textiles for the paper industry (forming wires, wet felts, fabric dryers and carrier ropes) as well as for corrugating board plants (corrugator belts, lagging fiber-cement plants and synthetic sludge belts).


Located in the most industrialized area of Northern Italy, halfway between Milan and Venice, Feltri Marone is a medium-size company, significantly characterized by an advanced technology, and supported by a constant commitment to technical research and to the most advanced and updated production facilities.

These features, together with an export-oriented attitude, have made Feltri Marone a reliable supplier to over 55 countries worldwide.
Feltri Marone’s manufacting process is developed according to design and production procedures purposely studied according to the specific requirements of our costumer.
All products are manufactured strictly according to ISO 9001 international standards, which are requiring up to 100 different controls during the production process.

A special attention is reserved to the before and after sale service which can count on highly qualified personnel and on the most updated and sophisticated testing devices, some of which are internally made.

This ensures a constant control of the operating parameters, which leads to a continuous improvement of the products supplied and of their application.
A worldwide network of agents ensures a quick and continuous contact between ourselves and our costumer, thus granting the best solution to any problem which might occur on the costumer’s machines, of either traditional or technologically advanced designs.

Our Commercial Department is at the full disposal of any costumers for any information required on our sales and technical assistance programs in any specific country.


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