Traction belt for corrugated machines

Another revolution in corrugating belts by Feltri Marone

Since more than a decade, many corrugating machines have adopted for the bottom belt a high grip belt, to avoid board slippage between top belt and board when producing heavy products or using difficult and slippery papers.
These belts have been manufactured by using a slightly different version of the standard base for the corrugating belt and applying on the paper side a special silicone coating that confers to the belt a very high coefficient of friction.

All this has been well accepted by the industry but still this belt has to rely on a seam made of steel hooks, something that can cause board marking, uneven belt thickness and sometime even abrasion of the steel plate supports and even pressure shoes.
But until now nothing different was available and so the industry had to deal with these products only.

The technology of Spirabelt has introduced a completely new vision on how a corrugating machine can operate and nearly twenty years of experience have demonstrated the need for open belts to achieve better board quality and reduction of operating costs.
Now this technology has been adapted also for the bottom belts and Feltri Marone has pioneered this research for quite a few years with the result of being able to launch today the new

The high grip spiral-based bottom belt

The production trials have been extremely successful and Feltri Marone is now in the position to strongly advise customers not to rely anymore on old and standard grip belt but to adopt this new seamless design.
Yes, seamless because the typical structure of the spiral base allows the seam to be totally hidden, without the need for any cover by flaps or fluffy materials and without the need for stainless steel hooks.
Therefore all risks for board marks due to the seam hooks or uneven belt thickness can be eliminated.

The perfect configuration of a modern and efficient corrugating machine

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