Corrugated and Folding Carton Industry

Generation Spirabelt

Spirabelt has been in the market for nearly 15 years and is now fully approved as a real innovation in corrugator belt technology.
More than 1000 belts have been supplied in various Countries and in Italy 40% of total corrugators are presently running a Spirabelt.

Te success of this new technology lays in the quality of the board manufactured with this belt, associated with important energy and paper waste savings; often it has been possible to manufacture delicate boards while it was impossible to do so before the installation of a Spirabelt

The ease of installation, virtually absence of any seam, easy cleaning and light weight gives this technology the opportunity to be adopted with success in various other applications in the corrugating line when proper technical modifications are applied:

  • As a high traction lower belt, with a strong silicone coating on the board side: SPIRATRACK
  • As a raising belt from single facer to bridge, with a soft board side: CONVEYOR MSC
  • As a unique and special lagging, easily assembled in few hours: SPIRATRACK-LAG.

All these products and applications will be shown at our stand N.850 during the next CCE that will take place from 12 - 14 March 2019 in hall B6 of the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Munich, Germany


12-14 MARCH 2019

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